Sunday, November 8, 2009

Walgreens nightmare.....again

This is the second time I have ordered a huge number of photos (400+)and had Walgreens print them because I didn't think far enough ahead to order from CM. And for the second time I have had terrible printing, mixed photos of glossy and matte, heads cut off (and yes, I did send them in with heads). The colors were so muted. I knew there was lime green and bright reds, but they all looked like they were washed out. I had a 5x7 and a 4x6 of the same photo and they were completely different in colors. So this morning I returned them and the manager was super nice. They agreed that the pictures were terrible and they needed to be redone. So they knocked $5 off and are reprinting. They told me they would call me in a couple of hours when they are done.

Well, 2 hours went by and I called to see where they stood. Of course there had been a shift change. The machine has stopped working and someone was coming in the morning to fix it. 108 out of 467 are done. So still no pictures. Retreat is this coming weekend and I need pictures. I am determined to be organized this time to actually get some projects caught up. That would be both scout albums, both school albums and our Christmas album. If I get done early, I will work on the digital albums I have to complete to have by Christmas.

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