Monday, June 8, 2009

Scrapbook pages

What a great weekend it was. I didn't get much done of course because I left my pictures at home for some goofy reason. And I left my scanner power cord at home, so I couldn't scan the photos I did have to work on. Oh well, I brought some quilts to be cut out. So I did a couple of them. Other than that I talked, ate and slept.

Here are a few pictures of the group who attended. Everyone met someone they didn't know previously or found out they knew someone in common. We call these weekends our therapy time. We can really get to know someone deeper when you spend that much time together.

Here are some page ideas. Some of the photos turned out a bit yellow. I think it was the lighting in the room. But of course I didn't realize it until I got home.
This one is using the new "Discover Palette". Trish B cut out letters from the Cricut and added the flower accent by cutting out a picture of a flower she had taken. What a great idea!

Here is another page using the new boy papers. They blend right in with the Discover palette.

This is another page by Trish B. She added another flower accent using a photo of a flower.

This page was using the leaf punch. She also used the picture of a large leaf and small ones. Perfect addition to this page.

Way to go Valerie T. She finished her third childs baby book. Beautiful pages.
This is using some of the Christmas papers. It doesn't take much when you use the mixed packs.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pieceful Haven Retreat - June

We are at Pieceful Haven cropping away. There are so many gals getting a lot of pages done. I will add the count later. I will also add some photos for what they are making. Some of the pages are so cute (and simple).

I will be posting recipes that we sometimes have during retreat that have been made. We do have some favorites. I will add those in separate entries to make them easy to look up. So be watching!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It seems like its been forever

We had a great retreat in May. It was a 4 day long retreat this time due to Memorial weekend. So we stayed through to Monday. We all got so much done. There were 4 quilters and 6 scrapbookers. Here are some examples of what everyone accomplished.

Page created by: Kim C.

She decorated her page with cutting letters from her Cricut and then cut out the design from a Designer prints paper to lay over the corners of her photos. Even the scroll at the bottom was cut out from another sheet of paper to add as an embellishment.

Page designed by: Kathy D.

She tore a piece of paper and added to the bottom layer and then added a couple of stickers.

Page designed by Kathy D.

Paper, a few stickers and vellum sayings.

Page designed by: Kathy D.

Baby Girl Brights (now discontinued) Paper with added stickers and a vellum verse.

Page designed by: Kathy D
Designer paper with a couple of stickers and vellum verse. So simple, but so pretty.

Page designed by: Kim C.

I love this page. A couple of scoll stickers, lettering cut with Cricut, journal block and matted photos to create the shape of a cross. She lined up 3 photos vertically and added two to each side to create the arms out.

Page designed by: Madeleine V.

She used the Baby Boy Bright Monogram stickers (plaid, just happened to match sons shorts). Added the paper ribbon and paper flowers across the middle. This turned out great.
And I have to mention the quilts.

Designed by Deanna Redner. She even made a matcing pillow case.

Quilt designed by: Connie K. Made from blues, yellows and florals.

Designed by: Connie K.

I love the colors in both quilts. I will be selling the quilt below. Interested?